Designer Trainers


Hello everyone, 

We  had a great sunny day in London today. Although I have been busy with lessons all afternoon, I was lucky enough to walk a lot in the nice spring weather. That gave me the idea to write about my designer trainer obsession! First of all, I’m sure that we can all agree on one thing: they are a great combination of comfort and style together. That means you can wear them with literally anything and to anywhere, day and night.

I walk a lot in the city as i don’t drive in London. My life is revolving around rushing from one place to another by tube or bus unless i am lucky enough to get a lift from my fiancé:)  Some days i walk between 5-10 miles so I never had a hard time of justifying spending a fortune on designer trainers because I live in them 🙂 you might think that they are just rubber and leather stitched together but actually it’s not as simple as this 🙂 One of the most important fact about them is that they are truly luxury items. There is no difference in the sense of luxuriousness between a Jimmy Choo stiletto and Valentino trainer. They are mainly crafted in Italy not China,  and all come in a beautiful box with special shoe bags. 

My collection is too wide when it comes to trainers however I never tired a slip-on version because I have so many Chanel espadrilles and I know that they can never be as comfortable as a classic low-top, laced-up trainer. I will share a few of my shoes with you in here. 

My absolute favourite ones would be Valentino rock stud trainers. They are incredibly pretty and soft rubber sole makes them the most comfortable shoe to walk in. The only problem is they fit large to size, so if you want to order online always take half a size smaller. 

My second favourite would be Saint Laurent, I have got 2 pairs of their leather Classic Court trainers and they are soft with rubber soles. It is easy to wear in the summer and perfect combination of understated beauty and comfort. 

Last but not the least would be Chanel trainers!!! This can be an another post topic because Chanel trainers are very difficult to find as they come to boutique and disappear on the same day, and even if you find your correct size you might still think twice because they are considerably more expensive than other brands. Plus you can not get them online, so it’s a case of making your SA your bff 🙂  I have got a few pairs of Chanel trainers and if I need to rate them for the comfort I have to use a different rating for each of them! Despite their allure and beauty some models might not be as comfortable. Of course this never ever puts me off from getting a new pair 🙂 Chanel trainers are really special, even in a posh dinner you are likely to get away with wearing them under a nice silk dress. In my opinion if you want to buy one pair, just go with it. They can coordinate with any standard outfit beautifully. 

Hope that you can find some helpful tips in this post. Please feel free to ask any questions and leave comments. If you want to get some inspiration look at net a porter for some ideas!

S xx 


  1. Love your blog. And Instagram! You inspire me AND make me laugh😂

    May I ask how you find the sizing of the Chanel sneakers? For example compared to Isabel Marant sizes?


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