”it” bags vs. investment bags

Hello everyone, hope that everyone is having a good week. 🙂 Recently, I have been feeling that itch to add another hand bag to my collection so I have been thinking and trying all the bags that I love. There is no lie here, I love my hand bags and there is always a desire for the next one. Of course, there are certain elements that we need to consider carefully, probably the most important one is how much I want to spend or rather, how much I can afford. 🙂 This fact determines the next step, what do I really want ?

Luxury means something beautiful and quality at the same time. Sometimes it’s easy to know what you want, for example, I really wanted to splurge on a nice hand bag for my birthday and there were no doubts at all whether it would be a Chanel boy bag or Gucci embellished Dionysus, as they share a very similar price tag. The problem generally occurs when your heart and brain both want something different, and social media is changing our minds about what we want. When I see famous bloggers carrying a Drew bag, Dionysus or Antigona, I love looking at that bags and they look so perfectly attractive. However, reality is that many of these bags are very likely to be sent to them as a gift so who cares if they get bored after a few times of wearing them. Unfortunately for working hard to earn their own money kind of women with a limited budget for luxury items, the situation is trickier. 🙂

I love wearing trendy bags: been there, done that. Actually not once but a few more times. 🙂 I bought a gorgeous looking Chloe Drew last year in 2 tone. I loved that bag for a while but then I got bored with it. Especially because it wasn’t a natural colour palette, I found it hard to style. Then I sold the bag and it was less than half price 😦 Another incident happened again with Celine Trapeze 3 tone.. love at first sight turned out to be a disappointment. It was very difficult to use the bag because of its shape, and after a while I started to think it’s uninspiring, as a result it mighy end up at Designer Exchange 🙂

Choosing the correct bag is a matter of personal preference and need, some bags are good for special occasions and some are for everyday use. However, whatever bag you are planning to buy,  make sure that you will not get bored of using it after a while. All of these “it” bags are loosing incredible value when you try to sell second-hand. As long as you want to keep the bag forever then I guess there is nothing to worry . But as we all know the problem with “it”trendy bags that eventually they pass their time and are being considered as outdated.

At the end, I have decided to wait a bit more and get a bag that I can love forever. If not forever, then I can sell for a good price as pre-loved! 🙂  There are two incredibly beautiful bags on endless my wish list. First one is Louis Vuitton Twist MM. It is a wonderful bag with lots of space and perfect details. The second one is a dream Chanel classic flap. They are both pretty pricey, but at least I know that I will never fall out of love with them. 🙂

S xx



  1. Really great post, I like you tend to buy bags led by my heart I have now started to be much more cautious about buying bags shown on social media. Personally I feel that Chanel is always a great option as they hold their value so well. 💛


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