Chelsea Flower Show

Hi guys, hope that you are all having a great week. I had a wonderful time with my fiance at RHS Chelsea Flower Show today. There are so many beautiful details that I want to share with you so I don’t really know where to start. πŸ˜€

I’m not going to talk about the characteristics of gardens or flower exhibitions etc. what I want to share is mainly the atmosphere of the show and lots of beautiful pictures for you to see! This is my 4. time that I have been in Chelsea Flower Show, in general I know that It is always overpopulated and people are in a big rush to see everything at the same time which is understandable.πŸ™ƒAnyway, we started our tour with flower exhibitions, It was breathtakingly beautiful. So many different colours of tulips, roses, peonies, daffodils… honestly your mood is lifting instantly. I appreciate the beauty of these flowers as well as people who actually planting and  looking after them for this great exhibition. It is a painstakingly difficult job in my opinion.

Then, we had a little coffee and cake break because I was totally exhausted. The reason of being tired so quickly is walking in the crowd more than anything. We were constantly struggling to see flower exhibitions and gardens among other visitors and after a while it did take all our energy!! But food and drink options are always great in Chelsea. They have different parts of food corners that you can have coffee or champagne, have a little rest and peace and carry on your journey. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š

In the last part we did wander around open gardens, I have to say I don’t have a particular interest in garden design, but It is always a pleasure to see some architecture work in this level of quality. My favourite one was The Harrods British Eccentrics Garden. I found the whole set very entertaining and lively.

Over all, I really enjoyed the experience despite it was filled to capacity. Besides, there were so many fashionable ladies visiting the show, so  in one point I had the thought of taking their pictures and write about outfit choices at Chelsea Flower Show! But unfortunately I wasn’t prepared with this idea beforehand so may be next year!! Thanks for reading. For more information visit RHS Web Site

S xx

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