Makeup forever

I was thinking about sharing my favourite cosmetics with you guys but then it appeared to be an endless list :). I am a loyal customer of Chanel Beauty and Make up, but of course there are so many other products that I love and use! So I decided to restrict this post for the products that I use everyday, they are mainly Chanel.There is not a day that I go out without my make up, one way or another there is always some form of foundation and mascara on my face. 😊

First of all, I have an adult acne problem and I do have these silly, painful spots from time to time. I am aware that there are some medicines and cures for adult acne, however mine isn’t in a very drastic stage so instead I try to cover up marks with a good make up base. My favourite product is YSL Instant Moisture Glow, because you don’t even need a moisturizer if you are in rush. It makes the skin soft and ready for foundation in an instant! Also I love Le Blanc De Chanel illuminating base. This product is especially good under the eyes and cheek bones as it gives you a good illuminating effect immediately.But of course they work so much better with a nice moisturiser, I always use Hydra Beauty Micro Serum as a makeup base and it is perfect for my skin. And the last product that I use everyday is YSL Touche Eclat, I have been using this forever that I really can’t remember. There are other illuminating pens and I am sure that they are great too, but I never ever even think about trying something else because Touche Eclat is very familiar, so every time we travel, I get more and more from airport and stock up on.😊

May be I don’t like change so much in general, when I love a product I tend to get a few of them in different colours. It can be said from trousers to shoes to eyeshadow! I am a great fan of Chanel Les 4 Ombres. Last week, I was invited to Chanel makeup event at Harrods for the introduction of 2016 summer collection and I got another limited edition palette. In general, I always wear earth-toned colours but in the new palette I also liked the khaki green shade.  I think it is worth investing in them, because they all come with 4 gorgeous colours which you can wear alone or mix them up in order to create a different look. You can also use them dry or wet for an intense look.

I believe in power of mascara! 😍  I really rarely go out without my mascara, in the summer some times it is ok to hide under the sunglasses but in the winter, I buy a mascara nearly every month. My absolute favourite would be Chanel Le Volume in ultra black number 90, I am hooked on to this mascara for a long time but I also tried and bought a few of the new Dimensions De Chanel and I love using them both together. On of them is good for separating lashes while the other is adding an intense volume and definition.

I want to finish this post with foundations.  I have used every possible Chanel foundation. But recently, I tried YSL Touche Eclat Le Teint and since then I don’t want to use anything else. This is a very good coverage foundation with a light texture especially great for summer.

I hope that you enjoyed reading my post. Have a good week.

S xx


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