Paris in Rome

Bonjour de Paris!! 

J’espere que tout le monde avait eu une bonne semaine et maintenant s’approche le weekend heureuse. 😊 

We are having a great time here, despite the unexpedledy cold weather in June. Paris is always beautiful but I would have been happier if sun was shining in the sky. ☔️😕 

As soon as we had arrived, I convinced my fiancé to go to Rue Cambon 🙈 because there was no way of enjoying Paris for me,  if I couldn’t visit Coco Chanel’s place in the first place! And of course I ended up buying a few beautiful pieces  😍 

 I got so many questions about my new woc from Paris in Rome collection, since I posted a pic on Instagram  so I thought it would be better to write a post and answer them all at once. 

First of all, Rue Cambon  boutique made me surprised with the extent and the variety of their stock! They have nearly everything that I consider so hard to find, if not impossible. Such as different colours of espadrilles, trainers and sling backs. I’m convinced that it’s best to save up and come to Paris for cross Chanel shopping! 😂

I was very lucky because Chanel Paris in Rome Metiers d’Art 2016 collection arrived the boutiques in June. So I had the chance to look at so many items from pre-fall collection. In general you can see so many special all-inclusive pieces, a lot of sequins, tweed, suede, leather.. I really love the tweed lace up boots and mules with a snake and pearl detail. 

My bag is a very beautiful tone of khaki in lamb skin leather. Some of you asked me, if it’s bigger than a normal woc, the answer is no. It’s the same size and interior is exactly the same but there is a metal bar with Chanel written on the top of the bag and the biggest detail is it has a interlocking CC closure like a normal flap bag. In my opinion, it really looks like a mini flap bag rather than woc because of this detail, but the size is still the same. 

Also it is a bit more expensive than classic and boy wallet on chain bags. It comes in black, red, metallic blue and khaki green with champagne gold chain. It’s a beautiful colour so hard to say whether it’s silver or gold until you look carefully, that’s why it’s not difficult to match with any outfit. 

Over all I’m so glad that I got it in my collection and it will be always remembered as a very special item from 31 Rue Cambon. 😍 

Sarah xx 


  1. Sorry for all the questions. But I really love the look of this bag. Does the Lambskin scratch easily ie needs babying? And for someone who’s 5 feet 1 inch do u think the straps are too long. Can the straps be shortened like a regular WOC?


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