Mom jeans 😍😍

Hello everyone,

In the last few weeks I found myself   gradually buying  more and more Topshop mom jeans.  I wanted to share my newly found obsession with you 😊. 

I have always loved denim and because I’m not forced to wear a uniform at work, I can actually wear jeans everyday of the week. However, until last month my personal favourite jeans were always J brand. I know they are ridiculously pricey but quality and fit are perfect for me and because I’m always wearing them, I was happy to spend a fortune on them,  the trick is finding a jean that flatters your figure. 😊

Well luckily I have discovered Topshop now! Despite that we don’t have a proper summer in London, I still don’t like wearing skinny jeans in hot weather. I love feeling comfortable in denim. So I have so many pairs of J brand boy friend jeans which I love. But when I saw these beautiful high waisted, loose jeans online at Topshop web site, I just ordered a pair to try. They are all around Β£40 in comparison to other brands that I buy, this is a very good price. I have to admit, I was so skeptical about the quality, but I’m pleasantly surprised that they are indeed very good.  

They look especially beautiful with tucked in shirts or cropped t-shirts. They do fit true to size. I love to wear them a bit loose fit so I always get size 28/28 which is perfect fit and length because they look cropped 😊. Also I prefer to get Topshop petit collection, as they are perfect fit for me, but if you are tall then they come in different lengths too. 

I would highly recommend these to those of you who are looking for something cool and comfortable for summer! You can get them from here: 

Topshop petit mom jeans
Sarah xx 


  1. Hi Sarah, really love those jeans, esp the embroidered pair. Ordered myself at pair of blue embroidered TopShop jeans a few days ago. Can’t wait to see how they look on me. xoxo Andrea


  2. Hi Sarah, first of all sorry for my terrible English, I have 3 pairs of topshop petite Jamie jeans and I’m in love with them. I would really like to buy a new pairs of them but some people say that they have recently changed the quality of that model of jeans. Do you know something about it? Which brand of skinny jeans do you prefer?
    Thank you so much and enjoy your italian holidays!


    • Hi Daisy, sorry for late reply. As far as I can tell the quality of Topshop jeans are really good. I wear them a lot and they don’t lose shape. I prefer skinny jeans in the winter time but in the summer I rally line baggy jeans 😘😘


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