A few days in Milan 

Hello everyone, 

If you follow me on Instagram you should have already seen that I have been in Milan since Tuesday. I came here for shopping but David was more keen to visiting museums and arty places.🙈  I was so lucky that he has been researching what to see, so we actually did a lot of activities in 4 days. 

I decided to write two post about Milan, this one is about my general observations of the city. I will also write an elaborated post about my shopping later 😂!! 

First of all Milan pleasantly surprised us, despite being a small city there are so many cultural things that you can see and learn so we will definetely come back again. May be because it’s summer time and local people are out of the city for holiday, the city wasn’t crowded so it wasn’t overwhelming in any form. 

We stayed in Palazzo Parigi Milan Hotel and Grand Spa. This is a beautiful hotel, very central and the staff was so kind and helpful. I will miss their deliciously fresh breakfast in the garden. During our stay, we walked everywhere! And I really enjoyed that the central city is compact.

Although it is the main tourist attraction, and I was skeptical about climbing up Duomo cathedral, at the end we ended up doing it, and I’m glad that we did because the whole experience was very enjoyable. The view was amazing and it was a delight to see the ornate carvings in the spires and flying buttresses. 

We also visited the design studio of Achille Catiglione, the industrial designer  perhaps most famous for the Arco lamp (1962).  Twentieth century design was also a feature of Piero Portaluppi’s elegant 1930s Villa Necchi Campiglio.    Going back a few centuries we also were lucky to get tickets to see Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece the Last Supper in the refectory of Santa Maria del Grazia.   

Studio of Catiglione:

Villa Necchi Campiglio:

Overall, it was a very good choice to visit Milan in the summer time. I am sure that there will be another trip there again soon, as there are still so many places to see and shopping opportunities are endless. 🙈

Sarah X 


  1. Hi Sarah,
    beautiful Milan travel diary❤️ I was in Milan about a year ago for Expo2015 and I totally agree with you. Its a fab city. The architecture is so beautiful, there are incredible museums and of course shopping is amazing. I wish you a safe trip back to London and a lovely evening, xoxo Andrea


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