“Ballet flats gone bad”

Since I posted a picture of miu miu’s latest ballet flats with shearling in pale pink, I got the most fascinating  reaction from my followers so I decided to share my view on them with a post rather than answering everyone  individually. 

Every season there is an item becomes a style sensation after fashion shows, and this is what happened to miu miu ballet pumps as soon as they had been seen on the catwalk, glamorous  bloggers started to post pictures on Instagram and ordinary mortals like us visited miu miu boutiques for the first time. AW16 is full of pastel colours, butterflies, flowers, stars, hearts  and all sweet pretty looks, however they are combined  with a strong look. It’s like wearing a romantic dress with trainers and boyfriend coat. Femininity and cuteness presented with a powerful image. In my opinion, miu miu ballet flats are a perfect combination of this creation, opposite sides of pretty and quirky are trying to exist in a weird harmony together. 

Edgy and beautiful, they are made out of leather, velvet, fur, satin, suede with laces and leather buckled straps. Love it or hate it, you would still notice them because they have that kind of utterly captivating and catchy look. 

My first pair was a classic black leather one with black and checked pattern ribbons. I love them and I have been wearing them a lot so I decided to get another one from Milan. At the  end of the day it is the city of Miu Miu. I saw the new season models and the velvet pair in burgundy with black velvet ribbons looked so perfect. 😍 Normally, velvet is considered a heavy fabric more suitable for evening or formal wear, but this season velvet products are all causal and relaxed. I’m looking forward to wearing my flats with denim. 

The design of the flats are so beautiful so varieties can be endless. After leather and velvet, I saw the shearling flats with light brown buckles yesterday and it was love at first sight for me! They are so comfortable and it feels like ugg comfort  in a more prettier  formπŸ™ˆ. Plus I really like how eye catching the colour combination is. 

I know that some of you felt sicky about them as I got so many negative comments as  well as positive ones. My shoe choices are always controversial and I know that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I will try to style these pink flats  nicely and hopefully some of you will give them a second chance. πŸ™ˆπŸ˜Š 

Sarah X 


  1. They look so cute on you! Especially the shearling! And like how you always wear feminine/ girly style with not feminine at all items together! πŸ‘Œ


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