Silk dress with denim and trainers 

We have been incredibly lucky with the weather in London this week. It has been sunny and warm everyday 😊. I am trying to put off wearing jeans and trousers  as long as I can, because they will be the only uniform for A\W soon.

Today,  I was working all day and I wanted to wear something comfortable in which to wander around all day, but in the evening I was going to have supper with David and see Pedro Almodovar’s new film Julieta. The film is an adaptation of one of my favourite writers’ Alice Munro’s 3 short stories. Although I really enjoyed the film, I can definetely say that it is not going to take a place in my favourite film list. 🙈😊

Anyway, getting back to outfit details, in general silk dresses always make me feel elegant and more sophisticated 🙈 but mixing different fabrics with silk , such as denim, wool or leather  would  create a more causal daytime look. I totally loved how the silk dress, denim and trainers looked together. I got these limited edition golden goose delux brand trainers online.  Before I ordered, however, it took me a good few days to decide, because they are really expensive for an old looking, distressed pair of rubber shoes! However, these gorgeous, hand made applied crystal  are changing the whole game.😍 Some people don’t like GGDB trainers saying that it’s silly to buy used looking shoes, but they are incredibly comfortable and I actually enjoy wearing them without worrying about getting them dirty! 😂

I had so many questions about Louis Vuitton Bosphore backpack, one thing is for sure that the bag looks really beautiful, but when it comes to practicality I don’t think that it is the most functional bag. It’s a bit fiddly with the laces and the shoulder straps never stay in one place 😩. Despite all of this, I still like the bag and I will keep it in my collection, but if you are considering about getting one, then I suggest you to look at Palm Springs  collection as they come with zips and are so much easier to use. 😊

Sarah xx


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