Autumn mood 

The leaves are already turning brown and beginning to fall from the trees. London has definetely turned its back on summer 😭. So now is the time to think about my Autumn wardrobe. 

Luckily, embroidered garments are still very trendy and I’m getting the best out of Topshop and Zara collection. 🙈 Today, I wanted to look a bit more chic than my usual bf jeans look. So I was able to dress them up with one of my gorgeous Maison  Michel hat, Chanel boy and sling backs. 

I always believe that you can dress up high street brands with more luxury accessories and it still looks great! 

Sarah xx 


  1. Hi There 🙂 i just found your blog and totally love your style! May I ask you something? How tall are you? Im petite (1.6 m) and now you are a true inspiration for me 🙂 give me a lot of powe to wesr mom jeand and bf jenad which i never wore before! Keep up!


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