London fashion weekend 

It has been a long break again, because of so many other things and I haven’t had time to write.  😩 This week we had London fashion week, so there were some events and shows I attended and yesterday London fashion weekend has started! 

I love this event because you can just go there and totally enjoy yourself with fashion shows, shopping, food and champagne! 

Although it was the second day of the event, it was really crowded and I can’t even imagine what is going to be like on the weekend. 

I went to 2 shows, first one is online luxury fashion retailer Avenue 32 trend catwalk, second one is designer catwalk Edeline Lee. I really enjoyed them both, but especially Edeline Lee’s collection is so good! 

Avenue 32 is a luxury online boutique and they have so many brands such as Philosopy, Bregazzi, Temperly London. The collection focused on this season’s trends: velvet, lace and flowers. 

Edeline Lee is a Canadian-British designer and her designs have already been worn by Alicia Vikander, Taylor Swift and Solange Knowles. Her dresses were feminine but unstructured, big and exaggerated. I really loved the big coats and oversize dresses. 

London fashion weekend will end on Sunday and there are so many interesting shows and talks as well as shopping opportunities 🙈!! 

Sarah xx 


  1. Hi Sarah,
    gorgeous photos and two really good shows. Followed along LFW on IG and some other channels I have to admit that it was a really innovative season. I particularly love how well the London designers introduced the see now buy now concept. So good to forget about that old 1/2 year period between the show and the time when things become available in store. Did you attend the Burberry show? It must have been amazing… I watched it online and it felt really great. So in love with all those military style coats, a lovely evening for you and David, xoxo Andrea


    • Hi dear, it is really great for me too! Because I don’t like waiting 🙈 and today same thing was the case! After the shows all dresses were available to buy!
      I didn’t go to Burberry, but I have seen it online. I’m hoping that Chanel will do the same thing one day 😂 then we don’t need to wait 6 months to get the collection !!! ❤️🙏🏻😘😘

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