A fine day in Paris

I have never gone to Paris  and come back in a day from London before, but it is proved to be achievable as well as enjoyable.  😊 I went there with my fiancé but we also met with a few good friends and had a great lunch, some shopping as well as a quick cultural tour.

Paris is always a good idea however, on a sunny day, when Paris fashion week is happening it was certainly the the best! I saw so many chic ladies so definitely fall style had hit the streets.

For a day in Paris, my choice of outfit was a floaty Zara dress with lace and winter flowers, balenciaga cut-out boots, chanel flap bag,all saints suede jacket and my new Dior umbrage sunglasses.

I wasn’t sure about the boots because David’s first reaction was “Can you walk in those new boots all day ?” But it turned out to be fine with the aid of compeed 🙈. May be a few seasons back wearing a romantic flowery dress with totally edgy boots was considered as a wardrobe malfunction but fall-winter 16 is all about mixing up opposites.

Our first stop was of course Rue Cambon, but before launching into number 31we popped into Maison Michel where I found a beautiful rabbit felt hat😍. And when it’s nice and sunny it complimented nicely with my outfit.
You can see all the details of this outfit below:

Zara dress

Balenciaga Boots

All saints suede jacket
Sarah Xx

One comment

  1. Hi Sarah, cute look as always. Of course a trip to Paris is always worth it and as always you really visited all the best places. Happy weekend for you and David, xoxo Andrea


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