3 favourite looks from Rome trip 

After a little bit of break, I’m back to writing 😊. As you might have already seen, I was in Rome for a long weekend and I want to share my 3 favourite outfits that I wore in Rome. I wasn’t sure of what to pack because October is a funny time, which can go extremely hot or unexpectedly cold! So I took so many light jumpers, jeans and only a few dresses.

My first look was the RedValentino wool and tulle jumper dress from their new collection. It was a love at first sight, it’s so playful and I always love different materials being used together. Tulle and wool is making a very nice clash. So the dress isn’t looking casual but at the same time it’s certainly not suitable for a cocktail event!

Red Valentino dress
Fendi mini peekaboo
Gucci Ace Trainers

I wore them with Gucci trainers and Fendi mini peekaboo bag. Overall, this look was sporty, comfortable and cool😎.

Then, there was a rainy day, and we were out all day so I had to get back to jeans and boots inevitably. My recent purchase from MATCHESFASHION.COM is Balenciaga cut-out boots and, contrary to general belief, they are really really comfortable. I’m so happy that I found them in my size at the end of a long wait. My second look is so much more casual with a Zara shirt and Topshop denim. However, the Chanel flap bag with cat pattern was the star of the day as I got so many compliments for it🙈.

Balenciaga Boots
Top Shop jeans
Chanel flap bag

My last outfit was again comfortable enough, yet not ordinary! London-based designer Markus Lupfer can be classified anything but ordinary. I always have liked his designs, especially jumpers and sweatshirts. When I saw the pug sequinned jumper at Harrods, I didn’t even think twice because it was so beautiful and the pug motif was cherry on the top 😍. Golden Goose limited edition trainers and Gucci Marmont bag were in a perfect harmony with the jumper.  🙈

I love dressing in a playful way and I guess I love this look because it is really representing my style.

Markus Lupfer Jumper 

Gucci Marmont bag
Golden Goose trainers

Sarah xx

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