Buying and selling on Vestiaire 

I have so many questions about how I sell my pre-loved bags and shoes, so I really want to share with you why I love Vestiaire Collective. 

I have to say, it’s very straight forward and easy from a seller’s point of view, but of course they do have a commission to take into consideration. I got a few negative messages about this issue and people were asking me why I still prefer to use them instead of trying to re-home my bags on my blog or Instagram account. 

I have a few good reasons for this, first of all when you sell on Vestiaire you really don’t need to worry about the buyer’s demands. You just need to describe your item correctly and let them do the rest! You can still manage negotiations about the price with potential buyers, but at the end when it is sold you just need to send the parcel and it’s done. If the buyer doesn’t like the item for some reason then Vestiaire allow them to sell it again on the web site, but you are paid and it isn’t your problem anymore. Simple as it sounds! I want to emphasise again “as long as your item passes the quality control you know that you will get paid whether or not buyer likes the item or changes her mind for some reason, it doesn’t matter”. 

They do have a commission but at the end of the day, you don’t pay for delivery cost or anything else. The easiest part for me is printing the pre-paid voucher and posting the item. Then it’s done. 

Secondly, from beginning to the end they are very helpful. You can always call or email and get help if you need from customer service team.

I also love buying things on there! You can get good bargains, contemporary brands beside a lot of vintage items and all of them are confirmed to be authentic so you don’t need to worry about the authenticity or quality, plus many of the items are in a really good condition, not old and damaged at all. 
They have a curation team choosing every item carefully before allowing them to go on the web site, and they can guarantee the authenticity of the item as well as checking if it matches the description of the seller, so when it arrives you know that it’s all checked and has passed the quality control, and more importantly you get what you paid for. No disappointment for me so far! Having said that, I did experience with some not-so-nice sellers🙈, sometimes they don’t send the item on time and keep you waiting forever which is really a pain in the back because you pay immediately and understandably you want your parcel to come as soon as possible. Vestiaire’s terms and conditions states that any sold item doesn’t arrive to their head office within 30 days will be cancelled and you will get a full refund. In my opinion it’s a long time and I wish they could improve this better. So try to buy things from recommended or professional sellers and probably always check the comments of other people. 

In a nutshell, despite the commission and issues with waiting for deliveries I am still happy to use them and if you want to follow my items as I sell things from time to time follow me.😊🔛


  1. Hi Sarah, thats a really interesting post. I’m quite surprised that you actually sell pieces from your amazing collection. Until today I never sold a designer piece but of course I have a few things that I would like to sell in the near future. But my biggest issue is actually the fear of seeing a piece that I used to love deeply go away for a price thats far far below the actual in store buying price. Or seeing that no one wants it at all. What are your experiences? Isn’t it actually a big loss business financially but more important emotionally? And how do you cope with that? have a lovely evening xoxo Andrea


    • Hi dear, first of all I can honestly tell you that if I let go of an item I will never miss it again 🙈 I have a few things that I’m emotionally attached like a Gucci bag I got from Milan or a chanel shoe that David bought for me as a gift and I would probably keep them forever. However, fashion is so easily changing and I’m not a collector really, after a while I got bored of things and it’s better to sell them to someone who really wants them. I actually love seeing that people want to buy my shoes or bags and they get excited about it. Because there are items on Vestiaire that I feel totally in love but obviously someone doesn’t want it anymore and selling.
      Well, you shouldn’t expect to make money with this because it’s like buying a brand new car from gallery and as soon as you start driving value is going down. Even chanel or Hermes would be cheaper than what you pay in the boutique but there is always someone wants what you sell, and you have all the control for pricing your item. Personally I like buying new things and trying new models than collecting everything 🙈. Xx


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