MIU MIU L’Eau Bleue

I had an amazing evening yesterday at the launch of new Miu Miu fragrance and I really really love the perfume!! 😍 Actress Stacy Martin is the new face of the fragrance and we were lucky enough to meet her last night.  Because I sincerely love the fragrance, I wanted to share it with you. Hopefully, you will have the chance to try it in the boutiques soon. 😊

Normally, I love more aromatic perfumes such as Chanel boy, it has got strong notes of lavender and sandalwood. However, #leaubleue is a totally different experience as it’s so fresh and reminds you of the beauty of spring. As you can guess, spring is my favourite time of the year and this perfume is going to be my signature spring summer fragrance.

The first Miu Miu perfume was launched in 2015, this version is so much younger, happier and lighter than the original one. The iconic Miu Miu bottle is transparent and top part is a pastel yellow. It is again developed by Daniela Andrier and available to purchase in 30,50 and 100 ml bottles.


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