Fendi Kan I 

I guess it’s always exciting to wait for a new season to arrive whether it’s a high street brand or top end fashion house. I can’t tell you how many timessince January I have checked Fendi online store in order to find the Kan I bag that I want.😍 The problem is when you want something from the catwalk, it’s really race against time,because only a few items are arriving in the boutiques and they are quickly disappearing – sometimes even without displayed!

Normally I prefer to invest in a bag when it becomes an “It” bag, but this time I’m totally trusting my senses and buying a Kan I before the rush 🙈. Fendi is already pushing the bag out there with so many style influencers and bloggers, plus there are amazing designs of Kan I in autumn/winter collection as well. So one thing is for sure that the bag isn’t going anywhere for a while….. 
Then there is another truth about the the shape and practicality of it, unlike some other models (like dotcom), Kan I is so beautifully designed and practical to use with chain or leather straps. You can be experimental and use it with so many different accessories. 
This is season all Fendi bags are coming in a sugar coated form, and I do like this princess-like, rainbows and macaroons theme😂. However, if you aren’t sure it there is always a plain black option which is so sophisticated looking with a gold chain. 👌🏻 

Watch the video for Kan I

Today,  I wore my bag for the first time and I think it did look very cute with my marshmallow coat 🤗


  1. I love your new bag. It’s so pretty but, on the other hand, everything in this collection is gorgeous! 🙂 Are you going to match the bag with a strap and bag charm too? I loved the Kan I bag at first sight and went for the small/mini in solid green/blue, and now I’m stalking their website (all too often) waiting for the straps to be released, because as you say everything is sold out quickly.


    • Hi darling , I love the straps especially new short ones, they actually had them in Paris and I tired but I didn’t think that it’s necessary as this bag has already too much going on 😂😘


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