What is trending now: Logos and Slogans 

It’s out there in front of our eyes and, whether we like it or not, one thing is for sure, we can’t miss it! I’m talking about big logos and statement slogans in everywhere. It is on tshirts, jumpers, belts, phone cases, bags.. etc. 

In my opinion there is a fine line between being tacky,boorish and elegantly quirky. I struggle to find the balance sometimes and question my own choices. On the other hand, this is the starting point of Alessandro Michele’s collaboration with a street artist for #GucciGhost. The concept was fake and real. Dolce and Gabbana also has used T-shirts  writing “La Copia Vera” (true copy) on them in spring summer 17 show. So maybe all of those cheap and vulgar market-stall fakes actually inspired the designers? I suppose Chanel was the fist big logo T-shirt to catch my eye with their Cuba collection and I was skeptic all by then.. It’s still hard to make a clear distinction and look positively distinctive in a huge logo printed T-shirt but I will try and show you when I get my pre-ordered Gucci.

Net a Porter 👇🏻

I can see that the whole point is how we express ourselves with slogans or the brands that we love. Having a bag saying #Jadior on it, is really about my love for Dior rather than showing off or status seeking. There are so many examples like this, I felt a bit uneasy using a big Louis Vuitton 7 plus case covered with logos and gold studs!! But then, I have come to the conclusion that this is just a statement item, what it means for me is the significant part and I love it, what other people perceive is another matter, and I have no desire or intention of making everyone happy.😁

There is no escape of this new kind of expressionism, even super luxury  brands are all marked with big logos or slogans this season. In fact, it’s very difficult, if not impossible to call a Chanel product tacky! I can’t event comprehend the possibility that Dior is not classy! From a personal point, I don’t mind logos and I’m happy to be an advertisement material for the brands that I love ❤️ 😂. However, I do believe in limits and I can’t see myself head to toe covered with logos at the same time, unless it’s #JADIOR !!! 🙈


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