Spring mood 

I have always loved pink and couldn’t be happier to see that pink carries on being a top colour for spring/summer again. Today, despite the cold, the sun is shining nicely and it left me with full of hope for spring. 
When I started my blog and I was racking my brains to find a blog name, I really didn’t choose spring of fashion because it sounds fine 😂! Spring is my favourite season of all, and whatever the season is I always love wearing colours and spring like clothes anyway. You can very rarely see me in all black or only grey. 

I bought that pink shirt from Zara online shop, it’s very cute and easy to use given the fact that long fluffy sleeves are always hard to cope with in real life! You can find so many similar shirts like this with different price tags, but I think Zara is a good place to start especially for one season only fashion items.  
Zara frilled top

I matched the outfit with my cute Miu Miu flats and Fendi Kan I bag. It has been 2 weeks since I bought this bag and I am truly happy with my decision. I strongly believe that we all have our individual characteristic features and these affect each aspects of our lives. Probably that’s why I always like pieces of fashion making me happy, instead of just buying something plain because it is classic. Xoxo 😘 

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