lisianthus roma

Hi everyone , I’m sure that many of you have already seen on my Instagram that my stylist friend, Joshua Oliver, and I were in Rome last weekend for the launch event for Lisianthus handbags.
I have to say when it comes to luxury handbags, I am always excited because I appreciate the quality, craftsmanship and design so much. I was contacted by Massimiliano Mastrangelo’s PR office about the bags and I couldn’t wait to go to Rome and see them in real life because designs are amazingly attractive 😍😍. 

Massimiliano is the youngest creative director of the world: he is only 16. However, he knows what he is doing. Trust me! He has a great knowledge of his business and he gets involved with every stage from designing, manufacturing and distribution. When you love what you do as much as he does, it’s impossible not to be successful. 
My personal favourites are the Roro bag and Miss Rutherford bag. You can see minimalistic and elegant style, especially looking amazing in exotic leathers. The Miss Rutherford bag was inspired by incredibly charming Kelly Rutherford. I have to add she is also very modest and lovely. Five minutes after meeting her, we were discussing our favourite SATC and Mr.Big😂😂😂. (As it turned out she actually knows him!!) 

I suggest that you to watch that space and follow Massimiliano’s journey because you will hear his name more and more in the future I’m sure of it! 😘


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