Already missing summer looks 😫

It’s very difficult to let go of summer days, but as it’s September 3rd and raining a lot today, I have no other option but to accept that winter is coming soon.

So I wanted to share some of my favourite summer dress looks with you. I actually enjoy wearing dresses. However, we have really limited days of good weather in London. Hence I consider Jeans as my uniform.

If you haven’t already noticed, I want to point out that this season big chunky jumpers on dresses are omnipresent from high street to designer looks. I’m going to wear all my summer dresses with jumpers again and again until it’s really impossibly cold! It is a great way to layer up and keep warm. Plus after spending a lot of money on summer fashion, I would really like to wear my dresses as many times as possible. 🙈

These dresses are from French connection winter collection. I actually love them both and couldn’t decide which one to get.. yet!

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