What do I know about luxury clothes ?

I can’t claim that I’m an expert, as I actually started to buy designer RTW items only 2 years ago. I don’t know how I made that decision and convinced myself to justify paying the silly price tag, but nevertheless it did happen .. since then, I have learnt from first hand experience some useful insights to what to expect and what not to when it comes to designer labels.

What we choose to wear is some kind of evidence of how we want to be seen by the world. The real question is why do we happily pay outrages amount of money on a piece of clothing just because it has a premier luxury label? I personally believe that what the brand represents is more important than the product itself. Probably that’s how I justify the price. Another important point is, I expect a luxury label to be manufactured ethically and environmentally consciously. This makes me feel so much better. For that reason, buying less investment pieces would be a better idea than spending money on fast fashion. However, not all luxury products are timeless and exclusive, so you might need to reconsider your assumptions.

First of all, just because it is a Chanel jumper it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the best fabric in the world! I know this is what we want to be the case when we pay a four digit number on a jumper, but unfortunately it’s not always the case. There are some items that you are paying for the impeccable fabric, quality and material, for example when I bought my Dior jumpers I was very happy because they are 100% cashmere and the embroidery craftsmanship is amazing. However, same me also spent a lot of money on a Fendi top which was 100% nylon 😂🙈!! I bought it, because I love the gorgeous design and it made sense in that point.

Nevertheless, now I’m wiser and if I am spending a fortune on a clothing item, then it has to be beautifully crafted luxury material not anything synthetic! So you will never see me buying a plastic handbag because there is CC logo on it.🙈

Secondly, if you think that a Gucci Swarovski stone covered blazer will last you forever then you are wrong again!

When you buy items with embellished details there is always a risk that you will end up with one or two stones or pearls missing 😂! At the end of the day, this item will need to be used carefully you can’t expect to wear it in your daily life when rushing around doing chores and then complain that it is ruined. I have seen a few examples of this, people were complaining that their jumper had some threads coming off, or missing a crystal on the shoe etc.. unless you will stare at them in your wardrobe then you need to get used to the idea that they will get old. Luckily many luxury brands are providing a great after sale care.

Last, but not least, don’t spend on your money on an item that doesn’t really look good on you. Unfortunately, when something becomes an Instagram craze, we are tending to buy it regardless of how it will look on us. I have seen so many people wearing the wrong clothing because it’s popular and everyone has to have it. For instance, I would never own a Stuart Weitzman over the knee boot because I’m not tall and I have short legs 🙈🙈.

If you want to spend so much money on a luxury RTW clothing or accessories, at least make sure that it will compliment your figure.🤗


  1. I am totally agree with you! Good post, friend!
    For example I prefer to invest my money on iconic bags and I’ll never wear boyfriend jeans because they don’t fit on me so well…However…I have three pairs of Stuart Weizmann boots.. 🙂
    And please..some post about your amazing new closet!!!


  2. Hell. Yes!
    I’m slowly building my designer wardrobe, namely thrifted garments. The quality of a diane von Furstenberg tank top I bought at goodwill is leaps and bounds above any other top I own in terms of quality, and I can tell that based on the seams. The workmanship is impeccable.
    It’s a silk tank and I anticipate it being in style for a very very long time, and even if it’s not, it’s the style I’ve been leaning towards for ages, so it fits my personal style.

    Designer for the sake of a label is always a bad move. That being said, I find many people have a tendency to go for midrange brands in those instances, such as coach and Michael kors. A more cheaply made Chanel or Fendi bag is still likely to outshine a cheaply made coach or MK bag.
    To ensure my garments will stand the test of time, I buy used. I may have to make a small mend here or there, but if the overall garment is in great shape, I’ll enjoy many years out of it. Natural fabrics take dye very easily as well, when a garment starts to fade. Nylon, too, is one of the few synthetics that really dig being dyed.


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