Dior Saddle Bag

Hello guys 😊

Since July 19th (unofficial Dior Saddle Day🤫) all we care about is Dior saddle bag. I have noticed that I’m hardly wearing any other bag so I thought putting all my saddle looks together !

I got so many questions about this bag constantly, but the most common one is which one is my favourite, I seriously love them all equality 🙈 but I have a soft spot for black leather one. It’s so easy to wear with any outfit and I love the smooth leather despite the fact that it’s not easy to protect from scratches.

Having said that, oblique is also stunning and it’s a very hard decision to favour one over the other! 🙈

Sarah xx


  1. May I know how tall are you? I’m thinking to get the saddle bag but struggling on which size to get. The mini looks perfect on me especially when cross body cause the big one looks abit giant on my petite frame. But mini barely holds anything so I’m hesitant. Actually same for the 30 Montaigne bag, love it but it just seems huge for petite bodyframe (havent actually tried this on myself though). Both bags look stunning on you though so am curious how tall you are.


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